Reaching Equal Opportunities for Students with Disabilities.

All children, including children with disabilities, deserve an education that offers them equality of opportunity with respect to their future. Whether a child hopes to pursue higher education, independent living, or employment following secondary education, their disability does not diminish their right to reach for, and to obtain, these goals. And their elementary and secondary education should not serve as the greatest barrier to such opportunities.

Who We Are

Representation and Education Advocacy for Children (REACH) is a non-profit organization that provides information, resources, and support to students with disabilities and their families as they navigate the IEP process.

Our Cause

We strive to improve public school education for students with disabilities by specifically targeting the process in which Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are developed, assessed, and revised. We help students and their families navigate this complex process with the hopes that each student will receive a successful and truly individualized education program.